The School will follow the CBSE syllabus as the minimum standard. However we will strive to go far beyond this to enable our students to take up and successfully complete any challenge presented to them.

In this regard the school will be going in for a very methodical and experiential approach to education. Teachers will be preparing weekly, monthly and term wise study plans for their students. This will achieve a regular and balanced system of study, so after each lesson and before examinations there is ample time for revision.

A properly laid out study plan also enables us to monitor what each teacher is doing in class and prevent either too much or too less time being spent on any topic.

Regular homework and project work will be provided appropriate for the class and time available for the child. In this regard we will also see that not too much or too less homework is given.


It is our firm belief that the child should have adequate time and training in sports for him or her to excel in life. In this regard we will providing a proper mix of indoor and outdoor sports to enable students to have exposure to a wide range of sporting disciplines. It I with great pride that I mention here that our students from Rishi Public School have reached state and national level sports competetions in a number of disciplines regularly year after year.

Extra Curricullar

Apart from academics and sports the School will have regular classes in Art ( painting and craft work) , music (vocal and instrumental) and dance (both classical and contemprory). All these activities are done to give the student a holistic education. This enables and enriches the students awareness of various aspects of our life. A fully confidant student ready to take on all challenges will be our endevour and pride.

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