Teaching Faculty

Our teaching faculty is not only fully trained but highly motivated and dedicated to their work and students. A teacher with great knowledge but no drive to teach is of little use to parents or students. That is why we rigourously interview our staff and have regular training for them. This enables them to come to class with the latest teaching methodologies.

Class Size

The work that we expect our faulty to put into their class is impossible if we give them large class sizes. In this regard the management has taken a conscious decision to keep class sizes small to a manageable level.

Smart Tech Classrooms 

Smart Tech Classrooms have revolutionized the methods of teaching as it has transformed the way teachers teach and students learn in schools. Sachdeva Global School has all classrooms equipped with smart boards to make classroom teaching more interesting and engaging. It stimulates the students to visually capture the more abstract concepts into concrete.

The content repository of the smart class consists of thousands of highly animated, lesson specific, 3D and 2D multimedia modules modeled as per the general CBSE curriculum. The content is in the form of modules embedded in a template that allows the teachers to teach a chosen lesson in class. Frame by frame, the teacher teaches with the engaging and instructionally sound animated set of visuals. The smart class curriculum covers right from kindergarten to twelfth grade with all the subjects. Every chapter has a set of questions designed to assess learning achieved at different cognitive levels in that specific lesson. Hence, smart class has thrown boredom out of the window by making concepts lively and interesting.

Elementary Resource Centre 

A place with requisite toys, games, puppets, puzzles etc. for toddlers, exposing the little ones to the joy of learning with fun. They touch, feel, observe, play and learn in the various learning stations according to their interests. 

Science Labs - Equipped with Smart Boards 

Practical experiences to comprehend the information on the subjects of biology, chemistry and physics can be obtained from the three well-equipped science labs with specific apparatus and gadgets. Effective and efficient teachers along with lab attendants are there to test the ideas of students, help them in performing experiments and at the same time encouraging them to make their own discoveries. Students visit the science labs ever since they reach the primary classes. 

Math Lab 

Students visit the math lab regularly to imbibe logical reasoning and categorical thinking skills with the help of functional models. Empowering children to think mathematically is a lifelong learning skill. Teachers use strategies such as stations, centers, anchor activities, exit cards, audit cards, ganit malas etc. to meet the needs of a variety of learners. 

Training in Vedic Math and Abacus will provide students opportunities to extend their learning and nourish their mathematical curiosity. The simplicity of these systems to enhance the speed of mental calculations reflects the advantages in understanding and applying the learning of math.

English Lab 

School has introduced highly interactive software based English lab, it is world class lab software which caters to class wise and age wise requirements of our students. It complements the class room teaching with correct and regular functional usage of English and empowers the listening and speaking skills of students. 

Computer Labs 

The Junior & Senior computer labs at SGS are well-equipped with the latest computers and educational/training software(s)/simulations. Students begin to familiarize themselves from an early age with basic computer skills, use of Paint Brush, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Keyboard skills along with the school's intranet. By the end of middle classes students are confidently able to harness the power of Internet, work on multimedia projects and use integrated software applications. Students are routinely encouraged to use technology in their science classes, computer classes and in the math lab. 

Audio Visual Hall 

State of the art advanced audio visual room is equipped with the latest presentation tools and teaching aids. The AVH as it is popularly known is a place where students assemble from time to time and watch presentations and educational or entertaining films.

Fine Art and Work Experience Studio 

Art education comprises a significant curricular activity for the development of the wholesome personality of the learners. It presents the prospects of enjoyment and enhances the innate talents of children. Children become skilled at sketching, drawing, colouring, painting and doing craft work as well. 

The Central Board has introduced Work Experience as an integral part of school curriculum with a view to provide a corrective step to the predominantly bookish nature of education so that ethos of dignity of labour prevails in the school atmosphere and the children are drawn closer to the community and become conscious of their social responsibilities. 

Keeping in mind the spirit of Work Experience, which requires every activity to be purposeful, meaningful, socially useful, productive, educative and manually oriented the school has made a provision for a large number of activities. Each student must choose one or more of these activities.

Sports @ SGS 

Education now-a-days is a changed concept. The method and terminology of teaching is changing day by day for the improvement of the total education process. Physical Education plays a vital role in this modern era. Education through physical activities is a vital instrument of education. On the account of universal acceptance of these views and to have healthy individuals who are fit to face the various challenges of life, emphasis is laid on Physical Education. 

We have sports activities so that students from all age groups can enjoy, relax and exercise all at the same time. We have brilliant coaches who are ready to help the students and teach them the skills of good sportsmanship. 

Sport facilities include: Outdoor sports like volley ball, cricket, football, basketball, gymnastics, yoga and skating along with indoor sports like table tennis, chess and carom are organized regularly. 


To expand and widen the horizons of the students as well as teachers there is a well-stocked library. It forms an integral part of the school. The reading material covers exhaustive reading material - fiction and non-fiction books and a wide range of journals for both curriculum and recreational needs. The library subscribes to periodicals and leading dailies, along-with general reading and long and short range reference services. It also supplies teaching and other materials to enrich the classroom activities and teaching. This unique world of books caters to the needs and interest of children of all ages and is a valuable resource for teachers as well. 

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